My Philosophy



I'm Anabela. From an early age, my mother taught me how important the healing herbs are to our well-being. I also learned about herbal teas and how to prepare tinctures and oils from her. This experience was of tremendous importance to me, because I realized that you can also treat yourself through natural ways and not only through a chemically-produced substances...  Read more


Natural skincare, why is it better for our skin?


Today we have a huge selection of cosmetics that offer almost everything with tremendous promises, no matter what your age, skin type or gender is. Commercial cosmetic industry often uses ingredients that are cheaper which enables better processing and longevity of the products. Unfortunately, a number harmful substances are frequently found in cosmetic products that can have a negative effect on our skin... Read more


My Skincare...


My products are natural soaps, healing ointment, body scrub, - butter, as well as face creams and oils. There is something suitable for everybody.

The quality of ingredients is of great importance to me, so I carefully select the raw materials for my products, which are all natural and come mostly from organic farming. I also plant and harvest most of my herbs in my own garden... Read more


Have a look at my Bela Skin natural skincare products and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

For questions, I would be happy to assist you.


Be naturally beautiful you!


With love,



Founder of Bela Skin