My Philosophy



I'm Anabela. From an early age, my mother taught me how important the healing herbs are to our well-being. I also learned about herbal teas and how to prepare tinctures and oils from her . This experience was of tremendous importance to me, because I realized that you can also treat yourself through natural ways and not only through a chemically-produced substances.


Although I was at the time making some ointments and oils for myself,

I also didn't stop going to the drugstore and buying some cosmetics there. The labeling on most of the packaging had usually something like  "... natural" or "..with natural ingredients" written. (It's interesting how misused the word natural in commercial cosmetics actually is).

At that time I trusted the conventional cosmetics and didn't question the contents of the products.


Somehow I started looking more closely,  what am I really putting on my - and my kids' skin and also what ingredients actually hide in our for example, shower products.

But the one experience that finally triggered me into changing my skincare routine and made me more conscious towards more natural body products was when my little son was diagnosed with atopic eczema.


Since then, I have researched intensively all the ingredients in my cosmetics I and my family were using. I was amazed at how many ingredients I found, which are considered critical for human health and ecology.

After I gave up my previous skin products, I wanted to develop a line of  products that are safe for me and my family. Nursing preparations containing purely natural substances that nourish and protect the skin without synthetic or toxic ingredients.


Natural skin care, why is it better for the skin?


Today we have a huge selection of cosmetics that offer almost everything with tremendous promises, no matter what your age, skin type or gender is. Commercial cosmetic industry often uses ingredients that are cheaper which enables better processing and longevity of the products. Unfortunately, a number harmful substances are frequently found in cosmetic products that can have a negative effect on our skin condition, because they are classified as questionable, problematic or carcinogenic. So it is no wonder that it can lead to skin irritation, allergic reaction or other health problems.


Controversial and even toxic ingredients are, for example, aluminum salts, silicones, parabens, mineral oils / paraffins, PEG-based emulsifiers and surfactants, methylisothiazolinone, phenoxyethanol, incroquat, formaldehyde releasers and many other additives, some of which can be found under several names. Also considered controversial are artificial fragrances and dyes that can too cause skin irritation and allergies.

I want to consistently refrain from such ingredients, because if we wouldn't want to consume toxic substances, then why do we use it thoughtlessly on our skin?


My Skincare...


My products are natural soaps, healing ointment, body scrub, - butter, as well as face creams and oils. There is something suitable for everybody.


The quality of ingredients is of great importance to me, so I carefully select the raw materials for my products, which are all natural and come mostly from organic farming. I also plant and harvest most of my herbs in my own garden, from which I then produce various oils.

So I can be sure that the medicinal herbs are 100% natural grown and have no environmentally harmful substances, because only naturally processed herbs can have a positive effect on us, our skin and the ecology.


All products, such as Soaps contain only all-natural ingredients, oil macerates, hydrolates, essential oils, as well as natural additives such as honey, coconut milk, goat's milk and clay. My skin creams are packed with valuable herbal extracts and the macerates I use are obtained either from plant extracts from our own production or from organic herbs.


Thanks to Bela Skin natural skincare, your skins' appearance will improve over time, becoming more elastic, healthier, radiant and skins' own metabolic processes are supported and regulated.

I also want to draw attention to the importance of healthy nutrition, adequate drinking and exercise. Ultimately, all of these components play a complex role as an entire package that has a positive effect on the skin and our wellbeing.


Have a look at Bela Skin natural skincare products and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. For questions, I would be happy to assist you.


Be naturally beautiful you!


With love,



Founder of Bela Skin